Greg Wang Joins PCB

Dr. Greg Wang’s research programs broadly focus on the mechanistic understanding of how chemical modifications of chromatin (including DNA methylation and histone modification) regulate gene expression and cell-fate determination during organismal development, and how their deregulations lead to human diseases, notably cancer. His laboratory has recently identified and characterized novel proteins that specifically bind to histone lysine methylation. These histone modification ‘readers’ are crucially involved in gene and genome regulation, development, immunity, and/or cancerous transformation. Importantly, the discovery of small-molecule inhibitors to target chromatin modulators has become an area of intensive investigation and holds great promise for therapies. Dr. Wang’s research excellence and expertise in the broad field of chromatin biology and cancer epigenetics have earned multiple grants of NIH and private foundations. One of Dr. Wang’s research goals is to yield potential drug candidates with preclinical cancer models, which shall pave a way for translating new therapeutic approaches in future.