The Pharmacology and Cancer Biology seminar series “Regulatory Networks in Health and Disease” is held on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM. Outside speakers are selected from a pool of nominations made by faculty and trainees.

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Institution Location
9.13.2023 Gina DeNicola, PhD Moffitt Cancer Ctr 147 Nanaline
9.20.2023 Benjamin Myers, PhD University of Utah 147 Nanaline
9.27.2023 David MacAlpine, PhD Duke University 147 Nanaline
10.4.2023 Amy Moran, PhD Oregon Health & Science University 147 Nanaline


Chao Lu, PhD Columbia University 147 Nanaline
10.18.2023 Aaron Hata, MD, PhD Harvard University 147 Nanaline
10.25.2023 Elizabeth Johnson, PhD Cornell University 147 Nanaline
11.1.2023     147 Nanaline
11.8.2023 Brian Calvi, PhD Indiana University 147 Nanaline


Andrea Ventura, MD, PhD MSKCC 147 Nanaline
11.29.2023 Roberto Zoncu, PhD UC Berkeley 147 Nanaline
12.6.2023 Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD University of Pennsylvania 147 Nanaline