Lou Zou, PhD

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. PCB is one of eight basic science departments in the School of Medicine, and we’re proud to foster collaborative interactions between scientists with different, though complementary, research interests and expertise. We strive to promote a richly diverse and integrated environment in which rigorous scientific debate and discourse between researchers with different perspectives creates a stimulating and productive intellectual environment for faculty and trainees alike.

Training the next generation of scientists is an integral part of our mission. We are committed to providing rigorous, inclusive, and comprehensive training for learners at every stage – graduate students, medical students, and postdoctoral fellows – to equip them to become leaders in academia, industry, and beyond. We are proud of the diverse and supportive community in PCB and believe that innovative science flourishes when all members of the department feel safe, valued, and respected.

Please browse through the research descriptions of our faculty and appreciate the breadth and significance of their scientific achievements, It is a privilege to welcome you to PCB. We encourage you to learn more about the opportunities in research, training, and education offered by this exciting and dynamic department.

Lee Zou, PhD